Hacking Wemo Insight Switch

This post is about my unsuccessful and incomplete attempt at hacking Wemo Insight Switch for a side project — with purpose of measuring power consumption of devices. ¬†Unfortunately, I just don’t have the time to spend on it. It might be useful for folks with just a bit more motivation to use this switch for it’s purpose (after all it is worth 50 bucks!)

I was able to open the switch and see the serial ports as in right bottom corner as in the photo below:



Unfortunately, the serial (write) port seems to be encrypted, hence I am unable to write any command on the command-line. The next line of attack might be to search for the datasheet and dump flash (snarf) from the chip using UART or JTAG and find the offset for the file system. We know already from the output trace that the device uses U-Boot and hence how the memory layout looks like. There is enough material on the web to help anyone proceed if there is time and relevant hardware (for eg. CH340 based adapters with 3.3 volt and 5 volt header / pomona 5250 clip etc).

This is an excellent implementation of firmware and PCB layout to install on a clean, new hardware interface for probing, which I found on interesting!